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Sales and Acquisitions
What is the first step when buying or selling a company?

The right step is to hire an Investment Banking firm to be in charge of the technical and professional structuring of the deal.

What kind of services does an Investment Banking firm perform?

The first step is for a team of skilled professionals to conduct a company valuation.

Having produced the valuation, what is the next step?

It is necessary to perform a Due Diligence that will make it possible to learn about the true status of the company, mainly in its tax, financial, accounting, legal, and administrative aspects.

¿What is the next step?

Whether it’d be a purchase or a sale, the next step is the identification of potential buyers and an invitation to view the information.

How is a purchase of a sale closed?

That is where the importance of having a good Investment Banking firm lies. It is important to be clear on the tax implications of a sale. Likewise, good legal advise is key to a sound legal strategy that will prevent future complications. The Investment Banking firm will handle all that.

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