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Ince its establishment in 2005, GLOBAL CONSULTING GC SAS, has engaged exclusively in Investment Banking and Corporate Business Consulting, participating in important operations involving Corporate Finance, Company Valuations, Merger and Acquisitions, and financial consulting in general.

By the end of 2013 and given its ample client portfolio, decided to change its name (formerly GLOBAL FINANCE S.A.) adopting its new name and broadening its field of action to cover various aspects of consulting, including marketing, strategic planning, business administration, foreign administration management, IT, real estate and in general, all aspects related to comprehensive consulting for businesses and companies.

Our team is highly specialized and qualified professionals has the knowledge and experience in working with both private companies and public entities, in the context of global economic trends, and particularly from the stand point of senior management, specialized finance, logistical support, and the generation of the maximum added value.

Through our comprehensive experience we can provide national and foreign investors, as well as companies in every sector of the economy, the possibility of exploring alternatives to invest and also to improve your management practices and help you grow your business.

company values.


Our results are achieved with the greatest of quality, pursuant to the best method, at the least cost, and in the shortest time.


We work with the absolute commitment of achieving the greatest satisfaction for our clients.


As part of our corporate principle, our timeliness translates into the acknowledgement and respect for our clients.

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