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What is Financial Planning?

It is the correct projection of income, investment, costs, and expenses of a company, to learn what will be the future profits within the framework of the company strategy.

What should I bear in mind when starting a company?

You must have a clear Idea of the Business. What is it about? – what is it? – this good to be produced or service to be rendered. A clear market and financial planning.

When should I seek advise to undertake a business?

The most advisable is to always seen specialized help when you want to start a business.

What is financial engineering?

It is a set of financial tools and techniques to estimate, control, and reduce the risk of losses in business.

What is tax planning?

It consists of the planning and forecast exercises with a view to optimize the payment of taxes, all within the law.

What does a financial diagnosis of a company entail?

It is a financial analysis of the company through the use of financial indicators and reasoning. Just like humans go to see a specialist, companies must have updated diagnosis.

What is a Strategic Alliance?

Its associations among people and/or people, wherein each member contributes its best capacities and advantages to achieve a common goal.

EBITDA Earnings Before Interests, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization.

What does EVA mean?

Economic Value Added: that is, the creation of value which occurred in a company over any given period of time.

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